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Abd's Cabinet

English Brown Oak, Pecan, Bocote, and Blackwood

Original Design, 2019.

                                                           Photo Tim Andries

          Hojas que se Juntan

Cherry, Bocote, East Indian Rosewood, glass and mango paper

Original Design, 2020.

The Relic

Santa María, Spalted Maple, Asian Ebony, Brass

Original Design, 2023.

                                                           Photo Madeline Scott Fox

Vidar's Chair

Ash, Seagrass Cord

Reproduction piece based on the work of Vidar Malmsten from around 1970.  

                                                                                       Photo Tim Andries

Photo Madeline Scott Fox

Wilson's Bench

Walnut, Danish Cord

Original Design, 2022.

Photo Madeline Scott Fox

Walnut, Maple, Unknown wood acquired in Bend, OR.

The West Bruceton Bookshelf

Original Design, 2021.

Photo Madeline Scott Fox

Wabi Sabi - Robert Van Norman Exercise

Poplar, Mahogany, East Indian Rosewood, Lebanese Cedar

An exercise of Hand, Heart, and Eye, 2019

Photo Madeline Scott Fox

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