My Story

I grew up just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - a historically industrial city, but has since been cultivating a new identity in the arts. As a young man, my creative side began to surface once I began finding mediums through which to express myself. One summer while hiking in the Himalayan Mountains, an older travel companion began to give me his life's perspective of over 50 years. Life was discussed in detail over many cups of tea. Dreams, aspirations, failures, all were mentioned. It was his encouragement that gave me the push I needed to follow my dream of attempting make a name for myself as a furniture maker and design artist.


The following May, I drove across the United States, moved to Canada, and began training at Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking. I was attracted to the school because of their world renowned reputation and their homage to James Krenov - who's aesthetic has a major influence in my work. It was here where I spent a year honing my hands and eyes to work in a thoughtful way. My teacher, Robert Van Norman, resident craftsmen at IPSFC, continues to be a dear friend and to inspire me from afar. He will be remembered worldwide as one of the greatest teachers and craftsmen of our generation.

After graduating from IPSFC, I immediately entered graduate school in Portland, Oregon, to pursue a doctorate of Physical Therapy. Requiring three years of extra schooling, my work has been on temporary halt. Amidst other reasons, my reasoning for obtaining this degree is based on words spoken by James Krenov that I find particularly true,"I'M AN AMATEUR AND ALWAYS WILL BE. THATS THE WAY I WANT TO DIE. I'M AN AMATEUR BY NATURE AND I'M AN AMATEUR IN FACT. AND DAVID PYE WROTE SOMEWHERE THAT THE BEST WORK OF THIS CENTURY WOULD CERTAINLY BE DONE BY AMATEURS." When I hear these words, I think of the many artists and craftsmen of our generation who are unable to commit to their work due to financial restrictions. As I strive to create furniture that will represent my generation in the years to come, unwanted commissions, time restraints, financial costs, and other creative/quality reducing factors all have attempted to be limited. Inspired by starving artists of the renaissance who worked odd jobs to support themselves as they created timeless masterpieces, I plan to work part time in health care and the rest of my time on art.